Bread Maker Comparison – Our Top 5 Bread Making Machines

Bread Maker Comparison - Our Top 5 Bread Making MachinesThere’s nothing nicer than the smell of fresh bread. It has been proven to make us kinder to strangers and estate agents recommend having the smell of fresh bread in your house if you are trying to sell it. The idea being that it creates a sense of warmth.

It has also been proven to sell more in shops. Quite often shops will pump the smell through the shop as it improves sales. In fact there is an enormous industry that specialises in supermarket smells.

Actually, there is one thing that is nicer than the smell of fresh bread, the taste of fresh bread!

However, as a coeliac finding freshly made bread in the shops is next to impossible (well from my experience make that fully impossible).

So if you want the taste of freshly made gluten free bread you have got to do it yourself.

The problem with this is that making gluten free bread is very different from normal bread. The ingredients are different and the reactions between the ingredients are different compared to bread containing gluten.

The only way to make tasty gluten free bread is to use a bread making machine

We have created a short review of 5 popular bread making machines to help you out with your choice.

Simply click on the name of the bread maker in our table below to go to the review.

 Morphy Richards 48326 Russell Hobbs 18036Panasonic SD-2500 WXCBreville Twin Paddle Bread MakerVonShef Multifunctional Bread Maker
Loaf Sizes33332
Fast Bake OptionYes - 85 MinsYes - 55 MinsYesYes - 95 MinsYes
Viewing WindowYesYesNoYesYes
Variable CrustYes - 5Yes - 3YesYes - 3Yes
Gluten Free OptionYesNoYesYesYes
Click on the name of the bread maker to go to our short review.
Please note prices are correct at the time of publication.
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