Lidl Offering Gluten Free Food Again


I was delighted when Nicola came back from here weekly shop at Lidl with some gluten free goodies. She bought a box of teacakes and orange jaffa cakes as a treat and apparently thet were very good value when compared to the other supermarkets.

It appears Lidl have started selling a selection of gluten free goodies by Kelkin, at least in their Redditch branch anyway.

The range offered by Lidl includes pasta, rice cakes, jaffa cakes, teacakes, crispbread, spaghetti and oats, which isn’t a bad starter range.

I have looked at the Kelkin site and it appears the range offered is quite good indeed, I quite fancy the muffins and raspberry jaffa cakes. Hopefully Lidl will bring in a few more of the goodies and this isn’t just a test in our local store, I personally would love to see the budget supermarkets offering a better gluten free range.

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