How Being Diagnosed Gluten Intolerant Can Make You A Champion


Novak Djokovic won his fifth Australian Open on Sunday, yet just a few short years ago his career was headed due south. That changed after he made radical lifestyle changes in 2010, including a gluten-free diet. It is one of key ingredients in the “magic” that has transformed Djokovic’s health in body and mind – and his tennis. Here’s a look at the gluten-free magic and other lifestyle changes that have made him arguably the greatest tennis player of all time

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Djokovic is a world renowned tennis champion, having just won his fifth Australian Open tournament he can now be classed as one of the best tennis players the world has ever know. However a few years ago his career nearly ended when he was unable to concentrate and his performance became very inconsistent. He visited his doctor in Serbia and was eventually diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten. The transformation was amazing, all his symptoms disappeared and his game was once again back on track. Since then he has gone from strength to strength.

It just goes to show how following a controlled gluten free diet once you are diagnosed, can literally change your life.

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