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We were recently contacted by our friends at Ilumi World and asked to review one of their banquets. We chose the Mediterranean one as the selection of food sounded great, although it has to be said it was hard to choose as they all looked fantastic.


We were very eager to await its arrival and we did not have long to wait, in fact only a few days which was really nice. All items were very well packaged, in a very strong box so there was no risk of the packets getting damaged in transit. As part of our banquet we also received a bag of gluten free pasta and a packet of spaghetti, both of these arrived safely too.


ChorizoWe soon got to work planning our week’s menu around the meals we now had, a lovely selection to give us a nice variety. The first meal we tried was the Mediterranean Style Rice with Pork and Chorizo, we could easily see lots of chunks of chicken and chorizo which was nice and the sauce had just the right amount of spice to it. The rice was perfectly cooked and the meat was very tender. There was certainly plenty of meat in this meal which is nice to see as so many ready meals substitute meat for the cheaper veggies to pad the meal out. We found that we needed to serve this dish with a little more plain boiled rice and vegetables, but that was our own personal preference. If you had a smaller appetite then the pouch would provide everything you needed.


MeatballsOur second meal was the Basil and Garlic Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. We chose to serve this meal with the Doves Farm Spaghetti provided with the banquet. The spaghetti cooked very nicely and was much nicer than the normal variety I get on prescription. The meatballs were lovely and meaty, again not padded out with vegetables or breadcrumbs to make them cheaper. There was just the right amount of herbs and garlic in each meatball to make them really tasty and the tomato sauce to go with them was excellent.


ChickenThe third meal we ate was the Chicken Cacciatora which we served with rice and vegetables. This meal took a little longer to heat than the others as the chicken was one whole breast rather than small pieces, this was not a problem but best to note as you would not want to get food poisoning from under heated chicken. Once ready to eat the chicken was lovely and tender but we did struggle to find too many pieces of pancetta. We felt the tomato sauce tasted just right, although there was a lot of it. But this was nice as it mixed in with our rice just how we like.



BeefOur final meal was the Peppery Tuscan Style Beef Stew, this packet suggested serving with potatoes and vegetables, but we chose to serve it with the Doves Farm Penne Pasta that came with our banquet. The pasta cooked up very nicely, however we did find the Beef Stew a little on the spicy side for our pallet. For those people who like the peppery flavour I am sure this dish is lovely, however it was not for us. There was plenty of meat and vegetables in this dish and both were lovely and tender.

We would like to thank Ilumi for our Banquet and the opportunity to taste such delicious dishes and we look forward to purchasing some from them in the future, now we know how good they are!


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